Why Are You Starting A Business?

Why Are You Starting A Business?

If you've started a business, then you should already have a really, really, REALLY excellent answer to this question. I don't mean that you need to save the world or come up with the next insanely brilliant social enterprise. What I mean is you need to really understand your motivations for starting a business. You need to establish the answer to the question and frame it in a perspective that allows you to keep busting your ass when your paralyzed by fear and overwhelmed with responsibilities. 

Because starting and running a business is really tough. Your highs can get you too high and your lows can get you too low. You can get trapped in your head. You might have to pivot your business model. You might have to do EVERYTHING when you first start. You might be an overnight success and that too can be overwhelming.

You need to know why you're starting a business because it's going to take everything you've got. You're going to question whether or not you chose the right path, you're going to have cashflow timing issues, you're going to make sacrifices in areas of your life you didn't think you would, you're going to grow exponentially and hopefully you're going to rise to the occasion. 

So you need to have real conviction! So you can really truly appreciate where you are in the process, whether it be slogging through the mud and staying focused, going through the beautifully painful and constant growth of being an entrepreneur or popping bottles and celebrating your small wins.

Find out your why and let it drive you.


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