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So You Wanna Start A Business? a tactical manual.


The process of starting a business can truly be a gay old time. You get to create a vision; everything from crafting your brand story to figuring out which business archetype best suits your work style. You're in charge of how you do things and for the most part you get to make it up as you go. 

But with that comes the responsibility of the administrative, bureaucratic kabuki that you're required to participate in to get up and running properly. It can be overwhelming and fear inducing to the point of turning your excitment into fear.

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But to all you Jessie Spano's of the world, quietly freaking out, don't you worry your pretty little heads and smart little brains. I've got you covered. 

Imagine having a super awesome friend who has been through the business setup process multiple times and can outline everything you need to know, all the questions you need to be asking and has made the mistakes so you don't have to. #notahumblebrag I'm that friend.

I wrote a damn book so you don't have to be a giant stress ball that makes everyone else feel like a giant stress ball because let's face it, nobody needs that. My book will help you understand the process so you can navigate it clearly, save time and start stacking that money. You feel me?



This book will help you with:

  • Where to start with starting your business.
  • A step-by-step guide to getting up and running.
  • A framework for understanding the right questions to ask each step of the way.





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FinTech Tools We Love. a free guide.

We breakdown our favorite tech tools to help you organize and understand your finances.

From budgeting apps to payroll service providers, we walk you through what the applications on the market that can help you reach your goals.




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Questions this workbook will answer:               

  • How much will buying a home cost me each month including ALL the other expenses I'll be responsible for like taxes and interest?
  • How does the downpayment affect my monthly payment?
  • How much cash will I need at the time I purchase a house? 

So You Wanna Buy A House: How Much $ Do You Need?


Buying a house is not just knowing what your mortgage payment will be.

You need to know how much cash you'll be throwing down upfront on a downpayment, any interest points and closing costs, PLUS the cash pile the bank will want to see sitting in your account before they'll approve you for your loan.

We created this workbook to help breakdown how big the pile of cash you really need buy that dream house. The workbook will break down your initial, upfront cost, as well the monthly cost. 

Please note: We are using general rules of thumb for certain property tax and interest rate assumptions.

So You Wanna Buy A House?

Use our workbook to calculate how much cash do you really need.

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 💡  Workbook + GUIDE TO knowing your numbers


Know Your Numbers. a free guide. 


You need help. Yes, you. Help gets a bad rep. Help isn't bad. We all need a friend to tell us when we have toilet paper stuck to the bottom of our shoe.

We're here to help. This guide will help you understand how much your current lifestyle is costing you. How much your goals will cost. And in turn, how much cash flow you need to do your damn thing. Or as they say out here in California, to #liveyourbestlife. 

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Know Your Numbers

Our guide and workbook will help you understand how much your lifestyle is costing you.

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THe GUIDE TO GeTtIng Your Money Right


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What this book will help you with:

  • Where to begin with all this financial stuff.
  • A framework to understand your financial life.
  • The 10 most important financial concepts in your life.
  • Tips, tricks, hacks and apps to help you get and keep your money right.

Stop Freaking Out

10 Finance Tips

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Stop Freaking Out: 10 Finance Tips. a free guide.

Finance. Where do you even start?

If you're totally freaked out and confused with finance, then you've made it to the right place. I made this guide for YOU! Srsly.

I broke down the ten most important financial concepts into easily digestible, prioritized nuggets of delicious financial information. Not to mention it's in a beautiful, 34-page guide. 

Not only will I be dropping knowledge on your lovely dome, but you can start implementing this knowledge right away to get your money right.

Yeah. You're getting tactics and inspiration. BOOM.