Please Save Money.

I would love to propose that we all change our perspective on saving money. Let's just all change our minds and our beliefs about it so we can simply prioritize it, simplify our relationship with it and do it. 

Humor me for a second.

Can we all just agree that it's not really a big deal? Let's just frame it it in our minds and say saving money is not forgoing something you want now for something you want later. Let's just say, it is what it is. Can we please be zen about it and stop labeling it good or bad and just accept it as a part of modern life?

How about we just say it's part of being a contributing member of society? We all have habits surrounding hygiene, which are likely influenced by the social acceptability of wearing the same shirt 8 days in a row. Can we all agree that saving your money is a part of financial hygiene? It's good for the whole when each member of society creates their own safety net.

Even if you aren't making very much, if you're a wage earner in the United States, saving money is much more achievable than if you were a low wage worker in a second world country. Can we all agree that we have the luxury and opportunity to save and therefore we ought to?