Understanding Your Mindset Around Money

Understanding Your Mindset Around Money

I really enjoy being married to an interior designer. There are a lot of perks: We spend a lot of our time engaging with the culture in whatever city we find ourselves in. Nearly every industry party is impeccably designed with delicious food. The bins and bins of fabric samples mean I have access to thousands of potential pocket squares. Since so much of my wife's work relies on being inspired, we’re constantly looking for beauty in the world. 

Finance + Feels: Get to Know Yourself

You want to get your financial shit together and you don’t know where to start.

There is an endless amount of contradictory advice available to you in the depths of the internet. Most of it is mindless, thoughtless bullshit about your 401(k) and it overwhelms you.

There are so many different moving parts. And each part feels like something you should do, but you don’t understand why or how it relates specifically to your human life.

So before we ugly cry about how we’re failing at our money stuff, let’s tackle the only subject that might be more terrifying than our money: the inner terrain of ourselves. Ah, yes.

Inner inquiry and self reflection is where the ignorant go to become wise. So once you learn how to do this heavy lifting, the math part and the part about learning the rules some dudes made up about IRAs and brokerage accounts and taxes, all of that won’t seem so frightening.