earning money

How to Increase Your Revenue

The funny thing about money is that it’s an artificially limited resource controlled by The Federal Reserve. The Fed tries to manipulate our economy by changing the amount of money in circulation, the money supply. It’s not a precious metal or non renewable resource and it’s not backed by gold. It’s printed on a machine. Most transactions these days aren’t even done in printed cash, they happen through bits and bytes and binary codes going from one bank server to another.

The Freelancers Guide to Predictable + Consistent Income

How awesome would it be to be able to predict how much money you think your small business or freelance practice will earn each month, quarter or year? Pretty awesome, right? You're thinking, "But Paco, my business is totally seasonal. There is no way I can predict it." And my response is, "You can. But have to be willing to look at other data points you might not have been looking at before and change your ways." In other words, if what you've been doing hasn't been working, you should change your methods.