The Freelancers Guide to Predictable + Consistent Income

How awesome would it be to be able to predict how much money you think your small business or freelance practice will earn each month, quarter or year? Pretty awesome, right? You're thinking, "But Paco, my business is totally seasonal. There is no way I can predict it." And my response is, "You can. But have to be willing to look at other data points you might not have been looking at before and change your ways." In other words, if what you've been doing hasn't been working, you should change your methods.

How to Price Your Services

If you work for yourself or dream of working for yourself, I'm sure one of the motivating factors is to make a profit. Making a profit can depend on a lot of different factors. Some of those factors are outside of your control like the market and the competition. You can move the needle on other factors like leadership, management, location and the number of locations. But one of the most important factors that have a direct impact on your profit is pricing. Pricing is how much you charge for your service.

The Minimalist Guide to Finances: Tidying Up Your Finances

Ladies, gentlemen, non-binary friends and humans of all identities, yes you can tidy up your finances. Sí se puede, guys. Trust me. And once it's there, it's all about maintenance. Getting there could require some effort and energy, but it's worth it. Gone will be the days of you expending mental bandwidth thinking about an old 401(k) account you know you should rollover but you haven't. 

Do I Have to Pay Taxes on Side Gig Income?

One of the first concepts I learned while studying economics is a phrase made popular by the economist Milton Friedman: "There is no free lunch". An Econ professor once wrote it on the white board in all caps and it's stuck with me ever since.