Payroll 101: What Is Payroll?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for payroll! 

If you're an employee who has ever gotten a paycheck, getting paid is a pretty awesome feeling. As an employer, payroll is pretty damn costly. It tends to be the biggest expense for most businesses and not just because of the actual cost of salaries. There are taxes too. Payroll can have complexity and any missteps may cost you. According to an IRS report, roughly 40% of small businesses incur an average of $845 per year in IRS penalties for errors with payroll tax filings and payments. 

The Minimalist Guide To Finances: The Anti-Budget

Most of American society has had a pendulum swing from rampant consumption to mindful curation. The reasons are likely both by design and by default (The Great Recession). If you're like me, you've at least haphazardly implemented the KonMari method in your home. You've thrown out all your 8-year-old underwear and dusty text books. Now it's time to overlay this philosophy in your financial house.